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Happy 2 Years of Shantae-ize Your Space!

I cannot believe I'm celebrating 2 years of this business.


When I wanted to launch SYS I had to get out of my own way.

Fun fact I had the idea since December 2020 but was insure if I pull it off. Well after talking to my family & my therapist I created my website and officially May 16, 2021. It was scary and exciting at the same time. Looking back I'm glad I ripped the band-aid off because my business is thriving in ways I would never imagine.

From so many Tranquil Transformations, to speaking engagements (including co-hosting my first workshop with my best friend Celina who is a licensed

therapist)., to news features including Martha Stewart, Elle Decor, and To also be featured on two podcasts Fresh Starts Registry & Organize Me Radio. I can say I'm truly blessed. One of my biggest takeaways is that its ok to let go of whatever is holding you back and you can change. I tell my clients all the time that letting go opens up space and over the past two years I have allowed that space to be creative. To have the ability to zero in on my craft of decluttering and repurposing to bring the best out of each space has been a thrill.

To all of you who have become clients, supporters, and well wishers I want to personally thank you. Without you there is no SYS. June 2023 has a lot of surprises in store so make sure you are subscribed to me email list to stay up to date!

And as I always say "I'm just getting started".


Shantae D

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