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How long is a session?

It depends on the space, amount of declutter, and willingness to get organized. Most areas (closets, bathrooms, pantry, kitchen cabinests) are between 3-4 hours. If you have an idea of what things you want to keep and where you want them to go that will expedite the process. If you want to take your time sorting through items it will take you longer so add on more time. The timing of your project is completely up to you.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the current time I accept payments via Venmo, Zelle, and Cashapp.

What is your work experience?

I have been apart of the service industry since 2005. I know how to make others feel welcome in my presence. I also have many years of management experience including a BA in hospitality management that has helped me to learn, delegate, and work with all walks of life.

I also pride myself on reusing what clients alreaady own to recreate a tranquil space. Most of my client projects cost little to no money.

Where do you donate clients items?

I work with local smaller organizations including victims of domestic violence, female groups, unsheltered, among others. I have close ties to these groups and work hand in hand with them to ensure the items get to the right people who need them.

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