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Before you swipe your card this holiday season...


Oh yes as the holiday season is in full swing we all start thinking about what presents we are gifting the people we love. I also know that gift giving can be extremely stressful. Trying to figure out what to get everyone. Budgeting for these purchases. Running to the store last min to fight over the last gift box set that will end up in the donation pile. I get it because It got me years ago until I started to think outside the box and be practical. Remember when you were a kid and someone would gift you socks? And how you just wanted a toy or some money instead? Now look at us as adults. If someone bought me socks I would be over the moon! Its the fact that someone noticed that you NEED socks and went out of their way to gift them to you. That's the main theme I want us all to start thinking with: what items and experiences do the people in my life NEED?

How do I find out what people need?

Listen for clues: this does require some detective work and sometimes you have to flat out ask the right questions (and trust me they will still be surprised when they open the present because they know you are thoughtful). One of my fave holiday gifts to date was airline credits because I love to travel. My family listened to my plans for the upcoming year and gifted me with gift cards which I got to go to New York in September 2022.

Did they mention a concert they wanted to go to?

Do they need to relax and you know a massage would do them wonders?

Do you know their favorite store that you can pick up a gift card to?

What's a cause that you know they are passionate about that you can donate to in their name?

What experience does that person keep talking about and hasn't done yet?

Do they just really need socks?

For this to work you also have to think about your budget. As much as I knew my mom would love to see Michelle Obama speak I couldn't afford the ticket on my own so my family and I all spilt the cost. Don't break the bank or go into massive amounts of debt. Get creative. Even a homemade gift is more impactful because its from your heart. My nephew had his mom make me a t-shirt with all of our pictures and its one of the best homemade gifts I've received.

To "wrap" this up (see what I did there), think out the box & budget your coins this holiday season. When gifts come from a place of love that's when we can truly become "present".



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