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SYS Philosophy

“Illuminate light into your space & life”

Shantaeize Your Space is all about helping others find

the beauty of their home behind the chaos.

I believe that the home is the catalyst to how you move in the world.

When your area is restore & in a state of tranquility you

start to see the real beauty all around you.

We are taught to over-consume and maybe do not know where to start.

That’s where SYS comes in and helps formulate a solution to your home.

Each step is seen with a peaceful meditative state of mind so ease into the process. 

My approach is simple:

only keep the items that make you feel full and brings light & using what you already have!

It’s about keeping items that add to your life. 

I create personalized plans to bring life and peace back into your home with using my D.U.S.T. System.

You ready to bring the light and enjoy your space?

  • We will help you organize one space via zoom.

    $50 per hour
  • Let’s meet in person to get your area organized.

    $65 per hour
  • Let’s discuss how we can get your area organized.


Lets bring life back into your space. Contact us today.

Seattle, WA

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